Photo by Vinnie Massimino at Dabls/MBAD; dress by me

Photo by Vinnie Massimino at Dabls/MBAD; dress by me

I am a designer, illustrator & printmaker in Detroit. Using my love of drawing, design, and printmaking, I create distinctive work that is full of personality.

I work in digital and analog Illustration & design with a variety of clients, including small businesses, creative types, and nonprofits. I have a soft spot for projects that are expressed through screen printing my style is heavily influenced by its process, and it's a medium that I love. I love to make posters, flyers, illustrations, printed materials, illustrated patterns, and graphics for web.


Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit, Four&Sons Magazine, Seamwork Magazine, Local Pizza, FoodLab, Detroit Greencycle, SplitLevel Texts, Chambray Records, Beautiful Soup, Ocelot Print Shop, Mast Shoes, Poison Berry Bakery



I also love to make things. These things often start as drawings and usually end up as notebooks, bags, prints, zines, posters, notecards, and more. I screen print my products myself at Ocelot Print Shop, and I sew them myself at my home studio. 

I sell my products under the name Hooray Forever:

Stockists: Signal-Return (Detroit) | Printed Matter (NY) | Wildcard (Pittsburgh) | City Bird (Detroit)



I graduated from Wayne State University (Detroit) with a degree in Fine Arts, and my work has been exhibited at the Detroit Institute of Arts, Signal-Return in Detroit, MI, Public Pool in Hamtramck, MI, and SculptureCenter in Queens, NY, among others. To see other shows and art things I've participated in, see my CV.

I've created youth craft projects around recycled materials for the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit (most recently for their Family Day Extravaganza), Ypsilanti Public Library, Hamtramck Neighborhood Arts Festival, Arts & Scraps, and others.



I offer one-on-one screen printing lessons through Ocelot Print Shop (contact me if you're interested in learning more), and occasionally offer workshops there, too. I like teaching screen printing because it's an empowering medium that encourages self-expression on an accessible and inclusive level.



I love to sew – I have been sewing for over 20 years and it is my favorite hobby. I enjoy making clothing and soft sculptures. In the early 2000s I ran my own clothing design business called Lekkner, where I created clothing and accessories out of secondhand t-shirts. This project landed me in Time Magazine in 2005, in an article about young women running their own craft businesses.

I also like to read about Andy Warhol & Harry Potter, eat vegan nachos, and walk my dog Miguel.