Photo by Vinnie Massimino

I am an illustrator, designer & printmaker in Detroit. Using my love of drawing, design, and printmaking, I create distinctive and memorable work that is charged with personality.

I've been creating charming and colorful work since 2007. I work in digital and analog Illustration & design with a variety of clients, including small businesses, creative types, and nonprofits. I have a soft spot for projects that are expressed through screen printing - my style is heavily influenced by its process, and it's a medium that I love.

I am currently available for new freelance illustration & design opportunities, and I look forward to working with you! Tell me about your project and how I can help.



Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit, FoodLab, SplitLevel Texts, Chambray Records, Beautiful Soup, Ocelot Print Shop, Mast Shoes, Poison Berry Bakery


My gift & stationery line Hooray Forever is for people who find fun and meaning in everyday things, and who respect and value things that are made by hand. I screen print my products myself at Ocelot Print Shop, and I sew my items myself. 

Stores: Signal-Return (Detroit) | City Bird (Detroit)


I offer one-on-one screen printing lessons through Ocelot Print Shop, and occasionally offer workshops there, too. Contact me if you're interested in learning more. I like teaching because it fosters collaboration and creates independence, and I like teaching screen printing because it's an empowering medium that encourages self-expression on an accessible and inclusive level.


I like to sew, read, eat vegan nachos, and walk my dog Miguel. I also collect random, old, secondhand junk and create sculptures with them by hot glueing them together. One such sculpture was in an exhibit at the Detroit Institute of Arts (2014). To see other shows and things I've participated in, see my CV.