I make drawings and screen prints. I live and work and grew up in Detroit, MI. I like to read. Dogs make me happy.

My studio is inside of POST, a lovely storefront and workshop space in Detroit filled with talented makers and artisans of all sorts.

Freelance Illustration & Design: I've been a freelance illustrator & designer for over 10 years, with a range of experience in digital & non-digital projects. I'm especially good at poster design, drawing dogs, and making art for screen printing (t-shirts, posters, etc).

Got a project that I might be a good fit for? Take a look at my portfolio, and if my style suits you, contact me.

Teaching: I've been screen printing since 2001, and I teach a variety of mostly screen printing-based classes and workshops. I taught intro and intermediate screen printing classes at Ocelot Print Shop, a community screen printing shop in Detroit, for 5 years. I now teach many screen printing workshops at POST, and in September 2018 I ran a weekend artist demo at the DIA

Want to run a screen printing workshop somewhere? Contact me.

Hooray Forever is the label I create products under, from prints buttons to zines to zipper pouches. Drawing-based screen prints on paper and fabric are my focus.

Physical locations where you can purchase my things: Signal-Return (Detroit) | POST (Detroit) | Printed Matter (NYC) | Wildcard (Pittsburgh) | City Bird (Detroit) | Craft Handmade (Adrian, MI) | Domestica (Des Moines) | White Rabbit (Iowa City) | Rescued (Moline, IL) | Gift Horse (Nashville) | Quimby's (Chicago) | Culture Flock (Springfield, MO)

(In addition to this website and my Etsy store) 

If you see something I’ve made somewhere, either at an event or on Instagram or wherever, that you don’t see available online to purchase, just get in touch with me! I’m not great at keeping my online stores updated at the moment, but I’m working to get better.


@hoorayforever on Instagram: