I make drawings and screen prints. I live and work and grew up in Detroit, MI. I like to read. Dogs make me happy.

My studio is inside of POST, a lovely storefront and workshop space in Detroit filled with wonderful people.

Freelance Illustration & Design: I've been a freelance illustrator & designer for over 10 years, with a range of experience in digital & non-digital projects. I'm especially good at drawing dogs and making art for screen printing (t-shirts, posters, etc).

Got a project that I might be a good fit for? Contact me.

Teaching: I've been screen printing since 2001, and I teach a variety of mostly screen printing-based classes and workshops. I taught intro and intermediate screen printing classes at Ocelot Print Shop, a community screen printing shop in Detroit, for 5 years. I now teach many screen printing workshops at POST, and in September 2018 I ran a weekend artist demo at the DIA

Want to run a screen printing workshop somewhere? Contact me.

Hooray Forever is the label I create products under, from prints buttons to zines to zipper pouches. Drawing-based screen prints on paper and fabric are my focus.

Physical locations where you can purchase my things: Signal-Return (Detroit) | POST (Detroit) | Printed Matter (NYC) | Wildcard (Pittsburgh) | City Bird (Detroit) | Craft Handmade (Adrian, MI) | Domestica (Des Moines) | White Rabbit (Iowa City) | Rescued (Moline, IL) | Gift Horse (Nashville) | Quimby's (Chicago) | Culture Flock (Springfield, MO)

(In addition to this website and my Etsy store) 


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